Super Sport


The Super Sport is a consequent further development of the classic exclusive 736 kW (1.001 bhp) Bugatti Veyron 16.4, launched in 2005. This model offers a stunning set of specifications, such as the twin clutch gearbox with seven speeds, the extraordinarily precise driving performance in bends and excellent stability when braking and accelerating.
Continuous work in extreme performance ranges lead to constantly new conclusions, which enabled the engineers at Bugatti to develop the Veyron into a direction in which the driver can reach new dimensions. Every modification is designed to produce an even more powerful car for an agile ride. Four enlarged turbochargers and bigger intercoolers have been used to boost the power of the 16-cylinder engine, and the chassis has been extensively redesigned to maintain safety at extreme speed. Thanks to slightly raised main-spring-rate, stronger stiffer Anti-Roll-bars, and new shock absorbers with a complex architecture originally developed for racing cars. This gives noticeably more precise control of the wheels and the car as a whole. With lateral acceleration of up to 1.4 G and improved interaction between the tyres and the intelligent all-wheel drive system, the Super Sport offers perfect handling and even more powerful acceleration of 1.500 Newton metres on corner exits.
The body has been fine-tuned to improve aerodynamic efficiency and maintain perfect balance in every situation, while the new fibre structure of the all-carbon monocoque ensures maximum torsion rigidity and passive safety – at reduced weight. The skin is made entirely of carbon-fibre composites, and the new Bugatti Veyron 16.4 Super Sport is available in 100 percent clear-lacquered exposed carbon on request.

Super Sport Technical Specification

Cylinder capacity 7993 cm³
Power output 882 KW (1200 hp) at 6400 rpm
Max. torque 1500 Nm at 3000–5000 rpm
Gearbox 7 Gear DSG
Top speed 415 km/h
0–100 km/h 2.5 sec
0–200 km/h 6.7 sec
0–300 km/h 14.6 sec
Lateral acceleration 1.4 g
CO2 Emission  
In town 867 g/km
Extra-Urban 348 g/km
Combined 539 g/km
Fuel type Super lead free 98 RON/ROZ
Fuel Consumption  
Urban 37.2 l
Extra-Urban 14.9 l
Combined 23.1 l


Every detail of this car, and not just its use of advanced motor sport technology, harks back to the pioneering spirit of company founder Ettore Bugatti.
This brilliant designer came from a family of artists, and his philosophy was always to combine mechanical perfection and exterior beauty. This ethos remains alive and well at the company, and the Bugatti Veyron 16.4 Super Sport*) is wholly unmistakeable, with every external modification serving to coax greater performance from the car.
The Super Sport’s flat, elongated silhouette is immediately recognisable. The 16-cylinder engine gets its air from two NACA ducts set into the roof, rather than from scoops above the engine. The front air intakes have been expanded and reshaped, with the lower one extending elegantly around the sides to the wheel arch. The revised back looks sportier due to the double diffuser and a centrally arranged exhaust system.

Super Sport foto